Tangye - lifting equipment including, jacks, pumps, and service kits

We also repair and restore most of the Tangye product range



Lift Jacks | Pumps

Lifting Jacks

This Range includes Tangye Hydralite, Hydraclaw and Hydramite jacks. These are portable yet powerful, designed to lift, lower, manoeuvre and positition heavy loads with maximum safety. Each jack is easy to operate by one person due to their lightweight design.

Hydrapak Pumps

The Tangye Hydrapak Pump is the ideal solution when you have no power source or when your regular power source fails. Hydrapaks are currently used throughout the entire world, many Hydrapaks are kept as a back-up system for when power packs or power sources fail.


We stock a number of Tangye components including; Pressure Gauges, Manifolds and High Pressure kink free hoses with fitted spring guards. These compenents are a necessity when purchasing a Tangye Jack, especially the Pressure Gauges.

Service/Seal Kits

We sell Official Tangye Service Kits for the entire range of Tangye jacks, these include items such as; Lip Seals, O-Rings, Steel Balls, Springs and Gaskets. Each seal kit is specific to each Jack, these are an essential to ensure your Tangye Jack is running at maximum capacity.

Hand Pumps

Versatile Tangye pumps that operate horizontally or vertically with the pump head down, containing an internal pressure relief valve to avoid over pressurisation. These portable units come with with mounting holes for when permanent installation is required.