Tangye Lifting Jacks

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Tangye Lifting Jacks

Hydraclaw Jacks, 5 Tonne Only

These Powerful Tangye Jacks have a 5 tonne capacity on head or toe, with both vertical & horizontal operation. There robust & hardwearing design makes them suitable for use with extremely demanding applications.

Hydramite Jacks, 6.5 - 15 Tonne

These compact and lightweight Hydramite jacks are available in 6.5, 10 and 15 tonne capacities. Available to operate in any orientation these versatile units are an ideal solution for portable lifting.

Hydralite Jacks, 20 - 100 Tonne

This popular range of Offical Tangye Jacks are designed to; lift, lower manoeuvre and position heavy loads with maximum safety. All moving parts are totally enclosed and lubricated by hydraulic oil, increasing working life significantly.

Superline Bottle Jacks, 10 - 25 Tonne

Single Lift models from 10 - 25 Tonne Capacity, built with a relief valve to prevent damage through overloading. These jacks are unique as they have a drop forged circuar base to add strength and stability while operating.