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Tangye Components

Tangye High Pressure Hoses, 1.8 - 3.6 Meter

Official Tangye kink free hoses with spring guards fitted at both ends with 3/8" NPT fitting at each end.

Tangye 4-Way Manifolds

This Official Tangye 4-Way manifold is designed specifically to allow easy control of the direction of flow of the hydraulic fluid within the system. Suitable for 700 Bar safe working pressure.

Tangye Pressure Gauges, 10,000 psi Range

This Tangye Pressure Gauge is ideal to pair with any of the Tangye Pump Range, going as high as 10,000 psi this is essential in maintining a safe and secure pump throughout your application.

Tangye Hose Couplings, Male & Female

These couplings are ideal to pair with our official Tangye High Pressure Hose, they are leak free and extremely durable. Available in both male and female (3/8" NPTF).