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Wall Mounted

Wall units are versatile and effective. Ideal for all types of environments; restaurants, offices or even the home. We supply a range of well-known manufacturers, such as Samsung, Daikin and Mitsubishi. Our expert team are available to discuss your requirements. Click below to see the range of wall-mounted air conditioning units we provide.

Ceiling Cassettes

Ceiling cassettes are perfect where there is a suspended or high ceiling. They can be discreetly integrated into the ceiling or be suspended, making a bold statement to your environment. Our Climate team are specialists in ensuring that your air conditioning set up is bespoke to your needs. Cllick the button below to see the types of cassettes we provide.

Evaporative Cooling

We are supplier of Seeley International's range of evaporative cooling. This innovative means of cooling the air uses water to remove the heat out of the air before it enters the building - think of a breezey summer's day by the beach. An efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning, our Climate team are availabel to advise you on your ideal set up - simply click below.