Our Core Values

As part of a continuous growth improvement Tidyco has introduced a set of Core Values, which have been implemented throughout the business.

Core Value


Deliver Results

Achieve margin and revenue targets; achieve KPIs set for your role

Customer Focus

All actions are to drive world class customer experience resulting in repeat, additional and referral business

Insist on Highest Standards

Focus on accuracy in all our work and colleagues work; feedback consistently to drive continuous improvement across all departments. Speak in a respectful and solution based manner to everbody

Ownership and Accountability

Take personal responsibility for the outcome


We succeed and learn as one team; celebrate your colleagues wins and work as one to achieve our goals

Celebrate Diversity

We encourage different perspectives which help us to learn, and in turn develop the business

Read the full interview with Tidyco's Managing Director, James Tidy on the reasoning behind the Core Values.