Tidyco distributes equipment and machinery to the offshore industry

Tidyco is an official distributor of Parker Hannifin Hydraulic and Pneumatic components. From Pumps and Motors, to Hydraulic Valves and Pneumatic Cylinders Tidyco has stock available for customers to purchase. In addition to hydraulics and pneumatic products, Tidyco has developed a fount of experience in supplying lifting jack equipment and water pump utilities, both nationally as well as globally.

Read on to discover the Tidyco Product Range:


Torqmotor™ TG Series is a durable hydraulic motor with superior side load capacity, high pressure shaft seal and smooth low speed operation. Ideal for medium duty applications such as vehicle propulsion, augers, chain drives, winches and boom rotate. Tidyco not only supplies the TG series it also has the TE, TF, TL and TH all in different sizes and speeds, all used in various applications.

Tangye Hydralite 100 Tonne

The 100 tonne Hydralite is powered by two internal pumps. The low pressure, fast-speed plunger moves the ram out quickly, up to a load of about 8 tonnes on the ram, before transfer to the high pressure plunger becomes necessary. The lift of ram per stroke of lever is 1.1mm on low pressure and 0.1mm on high pressure. 

Tsurumi Water Pumps

For applications where water contains solids, centrifugal trash pumps are recommended. The TDS-HA and TED-HA models are self-priming pumps powered by OHV Honda petrol engines with oil alerts. The TED-RD models are also self-priming pumps, but are powered by Subaru-Robin diesel engines. Tsurumi Petrol & Diesel Water Pumps are all housed within protective tubular steel, easy carry frames and anti-vibration rubbers.

Fixed Displacement Gear Pump

PGP 500 pumps offer superior performance, high efficiency and low noise operation at high operating pressures. They are produced in four frame sizes (PGP 502, PGP, 505, PGP 511, PGP 517) with displacements ranging from 0.8 to 70 cm³/rev. Tidyco has a wide variety of standard options gear pumps all Parker Hannifin manufactured. Tidyco also offers a repair/maintenance service where the Hydraulics Engineers can strip, clean and test both pumps and motors using the in house ISO accredited facility.

Our full range of products can be found in the online store. For more information about how Tidyco supports the Offshore industry, call 01332 851300 or go to the contact page to see other ways of getting in touch.