Food and Beverage Production

Food and Beverage Production

Tidyco manufactures and services Pneumatic components for the Food and Beverage industry

Tidyco manufactures and services pneumatic components for the food and beverage industry.

The Food and Beverage Industry is a lucrative market with factories and warehouses all having high volumes of machinery and equipment, the majority of which will be powered by Pneumatics. In working within the Food and Beverage Industry there must be certain precautions in place to make sure nothing can contaminate the manufacturing process. For Tidyco it is important that the machinery and equipment being used is clean and safe, this is why Pneumatics is the key power source in most production processes as it is powered by air instead of oil. Tidyco specialises in Pneumatic engineering including designing and manufacturing, customers can order most of Tidyco’s Pneumatic components that are available on the online store to unique specification.

Pneumatic Directional Control Valves are a vital part of any pneumatic system, they select the pressure, direction & rate of flow of which compressed air will travel.  Different valves are suited for different applications; a production line may use several different types of valves all in which are allocated to a different function.  Tidyco can also design; service and repair a Pneumatic System which includes making sure the correct valves are being used. It is important that the correct size is fitted as it could be either to big or small which either way will mean air leaking, this would result in costing the business a significant amount.

Transair aluminium piping is the 1st choice for compressed air, inhert gases and vacuum applications. Tidyco’s Commercial Operations team can visit customer’s sites to design and measure the required area, to ensure the correct amount of piping and fittings are ordered. Tidyco has availability in a range of diameters from 16.5 mm to 168 mm. Transair Aluminium Piping systems are installed in most industrial markets including Food and Beverage production. This is because of its performance efficiency, a full system installed can improve air flow and reduced pressure drops throughout

The Hyperchill range ensures that the temperature and rate the water is cooling is set to an accurate rate of control. Built for the industrial environment each Hyperchill model must be able to operate in the most varied of applications. To ensure guaranteed efficiency, each model has been designed for maximum safety and reliability in every operation.

Our full range of products can be found in the online store. For more information about how Tidyco supports the food and beverage industry, call 01332 851300 or go to the contact page to see other ways of getting in touch.