Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Providing necessary hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for the civil engineering sector 

The requirement for hydraulics and pneumatics with the civil engineering sector is vast. Many elements of infrastructure may require the use of them – for example in the machines, which build infrastructure but also the larger infrastructure projects which are required to power them.

Certain infrastructure units, which require the use of hydraulics and pneumatics, include:

  • Moveable bridges
  • Locks and canals
  • Dams and flood defences

Tidyco’s input can help with all steps of civil engineering; in the building phase, operation and in repair and maintenance. There are a number of routes where Tidyco can serve the civil engineering sector with its scope of supply.

Hydraulic Services

We have a dedicated Hydraulics department - committed to repairing and overhauling a wide range of hydraulic components, including pumps, rams, accumulators, and cylinders. We can also overhaul hydraulic power packs with our in-house test rig. 

Tidyco Online Shop

Our online store is available all day, every day, so you can always buy the components you need. Our close relationship with suppliers means we can pass on favourable lead times and prices. Furthermore, we only supply the best quality parts, so that your assets perform for longer. 

To visit the store, go to 

Hose Doctor

Another part of product / service offering is delivery by our Hose Doctor division – for more information about the services we offer, visit the division page. In a nutshell, if you have a hydraulic hose which succumbs to damage and / or stops functioning, we will aim to be onsite within 60 minutes to fix the problem!

We even have a dedicated freephone number for emergency callouts: 0800 373587 

For more information about our products and services supporting the civil engineering sector then why not call 01332 851300 or email us at