Tidyco Tube Bending

Tidyco Tube Bending

Tidyco offers CNC  tube bending and tube manipulation services to a wide variety of industries

Tube Bending and Tube Manipulation Service in Derby from Tidyco

Tidyco invested a significant amount of money into a state-of-the-art piece of machinery in order to introduce an additional tube bending and manipulation service to the market.

The CNC tube bending machine includes a programmable robotic measuring arm, coupled with machine to machine (M2M) technology. The technology allows Tidyco to rationalise outsourcing activity so that the company can provide cost effective solutions to its client portfolio.

With our robotic arm scanning technology, we can assist by reverse-engineering your components and creating a STP file so that can be used again - this is a perfect solution for products which have become obsolete.

The expansion contributes towards Tidyco’s commitment to smart manufacturing, addressing topical industry 4.0 subject matters.

Features and benefits of the CNC tube bending machine:

  • Complete with tube shaper measuring arm
  • Capable of bending most tubes from 6mm to 50mm
  • Also bends imperial or nominal bore pipe up to 2 inches
  • Robotic arm can measure any sample and create bend data
  • Step file conversion
  • Capable of importing XYZ or LRA to YBC format
  • Engineering drawing conversion
  • Existing library of welding codes
  • Additional coding can be acquired upon request
  • Full material certification document supply

As well as adding additional product lines to its existing rail portfolio, the tube bending machinery also opens up opportunities within new markets.

If you have a tube bending enquiry, whether you it's a new project or a retrofit, Tidyco can help - call 01332 851300 or email enquiries@tidyco.co.uk