Preformed Silicone Hose and Assemblies

Preformed Silicone Hose and Assemblies

Tidyco design and manufacture bespoke silicone hose assemblies for a number of rail applications

Design and manufacture bespoke silicone hose assemblies for a number of rail applications.

Tidyco is able to meet exacting safety standards such as BS6853 and AFNOR NFF.16-101. Silicone, Fluoro-Silicone and Vamac are just a few of the Silicone based hoses that Tidyco can manufacture in-house.

Tidyco manufactures coolant and turbo silicone hoses to any design and can also include convoluted profiles to increase flexibility and life expectancy of the hose. Tidyco also specialises in producing flame retardant hoses for use on rail rolling stock. The raw materials used have been tested and meet the requirements of BS6853 and AFNOR NFF.16-101 for flammability temperature index, smoke density and toxic gas emissions. We supply a range of hose materials including;

  • Cooling Polyester/Silicone Hose: Suitable for coolant applications or general purpose use up to 170°C. Standard colours available are black, blue, red and yellow and are available in straight lengths up to 4 metres, angled elbows, reducers and custom shapes to your specification.
  • Turbo – Aramid/Silicone Hose: Suitable for high temperature applications up to 220°C. Standard colours available are black, blue and red oxide and are available in straight lengths up to 4 metres, angled elbows, reducers and custom shapes to your specification.
  • Silicone Hose (Elastomer) of various shapes that use a peroxide vulcanising system: high temperature stable iron oxide pigmentation, meta-aramid fabric reinforcement and a silicone or fluorosilicone liner when necessary.

Bespoke Silicone Hose Assemblies

Manufactured in-house

Typical applications are turbocharger outlet, hot side intercooler hoses, and EGR connectors. They are also used in many industrial high temperature applications where they are suitable for use at working temperatures of up to 220°C and intermittent exposure up to 250°C.

Fluorosilicone lined hoses are generally specified for use on engines that have to meet Euro 3 and 4 emission levels and have crankcase oil mist re-circulation. The fluorosilicone liner prevents oil permeation through the hose wall and subsequent hose failure. Liners can be incorporated into most hoses to provide an impermeable barrier against oil and oil mist. This is because silicone rubber is permeable to hydrocarbons, fluorosilicone liners are often used in automotive applications to prevent oil seepage through the hose wall. This seepage could otherwise swell and damage the hose and also leave a sticky deposit on the outside of the hose that attracts dirt.

A specially developed silicone material, which is used as a liner in hoses that will carry drinking water. This rubber compound retains all the desirable properties of silicone elastomers in terms of temperature range and durability but in addition is non-tainting, toxicological inert, and will not support bacterial growth.

This material is recognised by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and carries their certificate number 0412511. This material can be incorporated into standard silicone hoses or for more demanding applications, for instance in the Rail Transport sector, a flame retardant – low smoke-low toxicity outer may be used.

We also supply Fire Retardant Silicone Hose, ideal for the Rail Industry;

Fire retardant or low smoke-low toxicity hoses are manufactured from specially formulated silicone rubber compounds that contain alumina hydrate, they burn less readily than standard silicone materials and tend to self-extinguish. Since they do not contain bromine or other halogen based flame retardant additives they will not evolve toxic by-products in a fire situation.  They are typically used in passenger transport applications such as Railway Locomotives and Carriages and for Buses and Coaches.


  • Fire Resistance: UL 94 V0 @ 3mm, UL 94 V1 @ 2mm.
  • Limiting Oxygen Index: 35%.
  • ANFOR NFF 16-101 Classification F1 I2.
  • BS6853: 1999 Category 1, Tables 7 & 8.

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