Rectus TEMA Quick Release Couplings

Rectus Tema Quick Release Couplings

We are an Official Distributor for Parker Rectus Tema Quick Release Couplings and Plugs

We are an Official Distributor for Parker Rectus TEMA Quick Release Couplings and Plugs, Our scope of supply includes a number of different valves; Single Shut-Off, Double Shut-Off, Dry-Break and Self-Venting.

These couplings are available through Tidyco in a vast range of materials including; brass/steel, stainless steel and thermoplastic. They can be used in a range of applications across different industries, whether it be under water, aerospace, off-shore or on-site it has the capabilities to withstand any environment. Whatever the requirement, Rectus TEMA couplings are the ideal choice. We hold large amounts of Rectus TEMA couplings in stock which can be dispatched for a Next Working Day Delivery.

Parker Rectus TEMA quick couplings provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased Running Life
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Safety

Our product range includes both Rectus and TEMA Quick Couplings Systems;

  • Rectus Quick Connect Couplings, used for Pneumatic systems these couplings offer high precision and reliability. Primarily used for compressed air these diverse fittings can also be used for connections with liquid media. Our Rectus product portfolio includes couplings such as; 02KA, 50KA, 21KB, 204KL and also plugs that include; 23SF, 26SF, 21SB and 93SL.
  • TEMA Quick Connect Couplings, these couplings are among the the best hydraulic connecting elements in the world. TEMA Couplings have an extremely low pressure drop and maximum power transmission, allowing them to perform in an array of applications whatever the pressure. Our Tema profiles include; T-Series, FF-Series, IA-Series, IB-Series, IF-Series and an array of Multi-Line Multi-Coupling Systems.

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