Parker Legris

Parker Legris

We are an Official Distributor for Parker Legris Industrial Connector Solutions

We are an Official Distributor for Parker Legris Industrial Connector Solutions

Our scope of supply includes; Push-In Fittings, Technical Tubing & Hose, Compression Fittings, Blowguns, Manifolds, Quick-Acting Couplers and Function Fittings. In addition to Connectors we are also an Official supplier and installer of Legris Transair, this unique Compressed Air Pipework uses a simple ‘Push-to-Connect’ system that eliminates welding/glueing costs and makes it simple to increase/decrease the length of pipework. Parker Legris is used across a variety of industries such as: automotive pressing, beverage & food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and production automation.

The Parker Legris product range is split into 3 business activities, all of which Tidyco can supply:

  • Legris Connectic (fittings, couplers, function fittings, valves, tubing and accessories for industrial applications)
  • Legris Transair (air and fluid distribution systems for industrial buildings)
  • Legris Autoline (push-in connection solutions for automobile fuel lines).

All Parker Legris products are ISO 14001 certified, following a strict compliance with directives and regulations such as:;

  • European RoHS Directives: 2011/65/EC
  • REACH Regulation no: 1907/2006
  • Pressurised Equipment Directive: 97/23/EC
  • NSF 51: NSF / ANSI-51

For a complete set of directives and certifications please refer contact our Legris technical team.

Just a few benefits of the Parker Legris product range;

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Running Time
  • Simple Installation

Our Legris product range is available through a number of distribution channels:

  • Our Online Store, we have the entire Parker Legris catalog available to purchase online right now, with the use of our new Online Quotation System you can log in and have a Parker Legris quotation at your fingertips in minutes.
  • With Our Legris Technical Team, our technical team have been trained to Parker Legris’ exceptional standard and have a wealth of knowledge about the Legris range, from technical issues to quotations our team are here to help. If you have a question or wish to make an enquiry regarding Legris Transair, speak to our technical team first and they will organise a site visit.
  • Through Email Enquiries, Our customer service team are ready and waiting to quote your order and get your parts dispatched as soon as possible. Simply send your enquiry to and we will respond within 24 Hours.

Failing that, you can call us 01332 851300, where our customers services team would be more than happy to help.