Filter Regulator Lubricator FRL Units

Filter Regulator Lubricator FRL Units

Our scope of Pneumatic products include Filter Regulator Lubricators (FRL Units)

Parker Hannifin FRL Units are available in three body sizes with either BSPP, BSPT, or NPT to accommodate all major thread type requirements.

Our scope of Pneumatic products include Filter Regulator Lubricators (FRL Units), these units are vital in ensuring dirty/wet air is cleansed and pure when being passed through to your pneumatic system. FRL Units can be broken down into three parts, which each having a different function:

  1. Filter - this removes contaminants from the system which prevents damage to your pneumatic equipment, helping avoid lengthy downtimes.
  2. Regulator - this reduces and controls the fluid pressure of your compressed air system to ensure a constant output pressure is maintained.
  3. Lubricator - this adds controlled quantities of oil into your pneumatic system to reduce the friction of all moving components. FRL Units are vital for ensuring clean air flows through your pneumatic system, failure to do so runs the risk of lengthy downtimes and under performance due to contamination.

We supply complete FRL Units and all independent components, if you require a replacement part – do not worry, we have access to the entire Parker Hannifin pneumatics range. If you have a larger requirement for FRL units our Pneumatics team can come to site, source the correct parts and fit them for you – reducing your downtime significantly. Individual units can easily be assembled into various combinations, utilizing patented modular lightweight body connectors.

Just a few benefits of our FRL product range;

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Clean Airflow
  • Increased Running Time

We supply a huge range of Parker Hannifin Filter Regulator Lubricator Units via our Online store, which is open 24/7 365 days a year. If you require technical help feel free to call our Pneumatic technical team on 01332 851300 or alternatively chat to the Tidyco team via our live chat feature below and failing all that, you can emai us at