Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Tidyco supplies the entire range of Parker Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Tidyco supplies hydraulic pumps and motors as an official Parker Hannifin Premier Distributor

Tidyco also designs and builds, custom made fluid transfer units to suit customer's specifications and requirements.

As an official Parker Hannifin distributor, Tidyco supplies the entire range of Parker hydraulic pumps and motors. This popular series of industrial hydraulics can be used across many industries such as; manufacturing, heavy moving and production lines.

Tidyco has four key product groups within its hydraulic pumps and motors range:

Axial Piston Pumps & Motors

Used to power a vast range of machinery, axial piston pumps allow fluid to circulate under considerable pressure causing the piston housing to rotate and provide shaft power to another machine. A common use for axial motors is to power small earthmoving plant such as skid loader machines and industrial pressure washers.

The Tidyco Parker Hannifin axial piston pump range Includes;

  • Series; PV, PVM, PVP, F11 and F12.
Axial piston pump

Vane Pumps

Used for supercharging, power steering, automatic transmission, carbonators for fountain drink dispensers and espresso coffee machines. Vane pumps can be used in low-pressure gas applications such as secondary air injection for auto exhaust emission control, or in low pressure chemical vapor deposition systems.

The Tidyco Parker Hannifin vane pump range Includes:

  • Series; PVS.
Vane pump

Gear Pumps & Motors

Gear Pumps contain two separate gears with intermeshing teeth, the teeth separate and create a partial vacuum which is filled by the fluid that the pump is using. As the gears rotate the fluid becomes trapped, forcing it to be carried around the casing to the opposite side of the pump. As the gear teeth begin to re-mesh the fluid is ejected creating a pumping action.

The Tidyco Parker Hannifin gear pump and motor range includes:

  • Series; PGP/PGM500 and PGP/PGM620.
PGP series


Fluid travels directly through the motor across the internal splines to cool and clean them, increasing motor dependability and extending life.  High pressure shaft seals allow full system pressure on the outlet port, and eliminate the need for external drain lines.  High speed valving means more precise timing and smoother very low speed operation.

The Tidyco Parker Hannifin Torqmotor™ range includes:

  • Series; TE, TF, TG/BG, TH and TK.

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Tidyco not only supply but also offer a repair/maintenance service where the company can strip, clean and test both pumps and motors using in house Parker accredited facilities.

Contact Tidyco directly via sales@tidyco.co.uk or call 01332 851300 for more information on our range of pumps and motors.