Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting

Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting

As part of the Tidyco Electrical Division, we are able to design and install commercial and industrial LED lighting systems

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There is a wide range of features and benefits with installing energy efficient LED lights:

  • LED lights are brighter than standard bulbs, so you get lower watt usage but an increase in lumens (light emission measurement)
  • Due to the improved brightness, you often need fewer light fixtures (or luminaires) than what you take out
  • With in-built motion sensors, lights come on, only when you need them so you avoid wasting energy
  • New LED lighting is often more aesthetically pleasing than the older, inefficient halogen ones.

Two styles of light in situ at our Derby head office.

What’s more, LED lighting can pay for itself within two to five years – this becomes a massive benefit for warehouses, factories, hotels and hospitals, which use lighting 24 hours a day, all year round.

Tidyco has successfully completed projects in other sectors such as retail units, workshops, offices and schools.

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