Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating

Radiant Heaters are uniquely designed to heat the areas in a room that need the heat most

Radiant Heaters are unique in as much as that they are designed to heat the areas in a room that need the heat most as opposed to pumping out heat superfluously.

They heat only the necessary areas of a room (people, flooring & objects) allowing for significant savings and a reduction in wasted spend.

In commercial and industrial buildings, rapid air changes and heat loss commonly occur when large doors are opened. As a result, valuable hot air escapes outdoors thus leading to wasting money – the solution to this problem is to install a radiant heater.

Radiant heaters work by taking the energy stored in floors and objects and re-using it for faster energy recovery in the space, without burning more fuel. The radiant system however, doesn’t have to heat the air. The radiant energy first heats the people and all the objects around the people including the floor.

This effectively surrounds the occupants in a warm blanket of heat, avoiding wasted spend that would be incurred heating up unused space. The radiant system allows the floor and objects around you maintain their blanket of warmth and the building quickly returns to operating temperature. Even while the doors are open you will feel the benefit of radiant heaters, just like the sun on a cold winter’s day.

A hangar with a radiant heating system

Space-Ray radiant heating element

Radiant Heaters are utilised in a wide variety of applications, such as

  • Warehouses
  • Garden Centres
  • Factory Buildings
  • Retail Premises and many more.

Infrared Heating could be the ideal solution for your Commercial Premises, we have a team of trained engineers who can arrange a free site survey & quotation.

Tidyco supplies and installs radiant heating systems, as well as offering additional services including repairs and scheduled planned maintenance programs. 

Tidyco recently supported Adey Steel in a Radiant Heating System design and installation job whereby efficiency gains were measured and the working environment dramatically improved for employees.

For more information about our radiant heating solutions, call 01332 851300 or email ccadmin@tidyco.co.uk