Commercial Air Conditioning Services in the East Midlands

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Tidyco Climate Control provides commercial air conditioning services throughout Derby, Derbyshire, Midlands and UK

Tidyco Climate Control provides commercial air conditioning services throughout Derby, the East Midlands and across the UK.

Tidyco Climate Control delivers a complete system design, supply, installation and on-going planned maintenance service provision.

When servicing an Air Conditioning unit, Tidyco Climate Control's main objectives are to ensure that environmental standards are met whilst allowing the customer to benefit from a measurable reduction in energy consumption costs.

20 Stage Maintenance Programme

Our 20 Stage Maintenance Programme is made up of two parts - a thorough cleaning section followed by an indepth check:


  • Clean or replace filters as applicable
  • Clean drip tray, flush & test drain
  • Clean & test condensate drain pump
  • Clean indoor heat exchanger
  • Clean condenser coil to ensure fans free of dirt and debris



  • Check electrical connections for tightness, corrosion and overheating
  • Check fan & motor bearings
  • Check fan blade cleanliness
  • Check overheat cut out (where fitted)
  • Check or replace belts (where fitted)
  • Check pulleys alignment & wear (where fitted)
  • Check cleanliness of outdoor condensing units
  • Check operation of reversing valves
  • Check operation of compressors
  • Check running current & voltage
  • Check running pressures
  • Overview
  • Isolate the AC Units
  • Carry out visual inspection for signs of oil staining and excessive vibration
  • Test controls
  • Undertake assessment of refrigerant circuit temperatures and compare against gas pressures to ensure soundness of systems (in accordance with F-Gas regulations)

The carefully designed 20 Stage Maintenance Programme ensures that the servicing of all vital components of every Air Conditioning Unit/System are to the very highest of standards, every single time.

UK coverage is available via a national network of mobile HVAC engineers.

To book this, call 01332 851300 or email You can also contact the team via the form on the Contact page or via LiveChat.