Powrmatic Vision Air Conditioning

Powrmatic Vision Air Conditioning

The Vision is a packaged air conditioning solution which removes the need for an outdoor unit

The Vision is a packaged air conditioning solution which removes the need for an outdoor unit, and incorporates state of the art “monobloc” technology.

The Vision does not require an F-Gas certified engineer to install the unit, saving you a significant amount on installation costs.

More Silent Than a Library

The standard Vision 2.3 DC Inverter benefits from an impressive 27dB(A) making it the perfect all round unit for hotels allowing guests to have a peaceful nights sleep or minimal background noise when installed in an office environment.

Retro-Fit Installation

The Vision can be retrofitted into many applications where there is a current A/C system. With no requirement for an external condenser, and extensive pipework. Upgrading an existing split air conditioning system is simple.

Powrmatic Vision

Zero Downtime During Installation

The simplicity of installing the Vision allows for each unit to be installed quickly and efficiently with no downtime for the room. Many hotel installations benefit from installing the unit without any downtime or disruption to normal service and room bookings limiting the loss of revenue as the hotel’s normal operations are not noticeably disrupted by the installation.

No Outdoor Condenser Required

The Vision requires no external condenser, saving you costs on installation and improving the aesthetic appearance of your building. The 162mm twin duct, and a 14mm condensate pipe hole reduces the outdoor impact of air conditioning systems and seamlessly integrates into any exterior building design. As a result, there is minimum impact on the building’s exterior and complies with many regulations on listed buildings.

Stylish & Simplistic Design

The Vision features clean lines in a contemporary, eye-catching style that will complement any décor with no sight of an outdoor condenser it makes the unit ideal for hotel rooms, restaurants and many other hospitality applications. It also allows for air conditioning on listed buildings. With a depth of just 17cm, the Vision is by far the slimmest unit in this category of product.