Hyperchill by Parker Hiross - Industrial Water Chillers

Hyperchill by Parker Hiross - Industrial Water Chillers

The Hyperchill precision water chiller model is the latest industrial Water Chiller from Parker Hiross

Hyperchill by Parker Hiross - industrial water chillers - available from Tidyco

The Hyperchill Industrial Water Chillers range ensures that the temperature and rate the water is cooling is set to an accurate rate of control. Built for the industrial environment each Hyperchill model must be able to operate in the most varied of applications. To ensure guaranteed efficiency, each model has been designed for maximum safety and reliability in every operation.

Industrial water chillers available from Tidyco covers 25 models with cooling capacities from 2kW to 880kW. The modular design incorporates integral process pumps and high-volume buffer tanks to provide a robust and durable solution under all conditions. Clever packaging of the thermal-mass within the chiller helps minimise space, and reduces installation costs. Compliant scroll compressors, an evaporator integrated within the water tank, and an advanced microprocessor controller, further add to make Hyperchill the complete package.

All standard models will accept water inlet temperatures up to 30°C and water outlet temperatures down to 0°C. Additional options can be included to provide outlet temperatures as low as -10°C. They can tolerate high or low flow conditions and will operate in ambient temperatures up to 45°C.


High reliability and back-up eliminate downtime

  • Large water tanks allow minimum compressor cycling and precise temperature control
  • Double independent fridge circuits (from ICE076)
  • Double stand-by water pumps available

Easy to install and manage

  • Hydraulic circuit: water tank, immersed evaporator, pump with bypass provide a compact and easy to install solution
  • Electronic controllers with proprietary software provide access to all the parameters of the units and allow special management for any specific need
  • Available with remote monitoring

Lowest energy consumption in the market

  • Oversized condensers and evaporators
  • Use of compliant scroll compressors

Industrial Applications

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Cutting Machinery
  • Printing Systems
  • Welding Machinery
  • Laser Technology

Designed specifically for industrial environments, the Hyperchill precision water chiller model is the latest industrial Water Chiller from Parker Hiross. If you would like to know more, call 01332 851300 or email enquiries@tidyco.co.uk