Tidyco manufactures Stainless Steel PTFE hose assemblies using a patented new and revolutionary hose design which uses a natural or antistatic PTFE tube with a smooth bore, supplied with a Stainless Steel wire braid or a Black Polyaramid fiber braid.

Stainless Steel Braided Hose Assemblies (PTFE)

There is a fundamental problem with larger sizes of standard, smooth bore PTFE hose products – as the hose size increases above 1/4”, so smooth bore PTFE lined hose become significantly less flexible, and more easily kinked. One solution is to use a conventional convoluted PTFE lined hose, but the internal convolutions make the hose difficult to assemble, and reduces fluid flow rates due to turbulent flow.

The advantage of a smooth bore hose as compared with a convoluted bore is that it is easy clean, and does not create “turbulent flow”, which drastically reduces fluid flow rates. We manufacture Stainless Steel Braided Hose Assemblies (PFTE) for number of applications, such as;

  • Automotive and Motorsport: replacing conventional PTFE hoses in ESP systems with Stainless Steel Braided Hose, fuel systems, braking systems and oil lines.

  • Refrigeration: refrigerant feed lines to freezer plates, where the high resistance to permeation, together with the flexibility and chemical resistance, are primary advantages.

  • Steam and Gas Lines: where the smooth bore ensures non-turbulent gas flow, leading to noise free operation at higher flow rates, and longer service life.

  • Industrial applications in general where the ease of assembly to end fittings together with the higher flow rates, chemical and temperature resistance and resistance to permeation make Tidyco the optimum choice.

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