We have been proven to increase service life from 500,000 miles to 1,000,000 miles between Rolling Stock Overhaul, a huge saving for the train operator.

Rolling Stock Overhaul

Tidyco has been providing Rolling Stock Overhaul Services to the Rail Industry for over 35 years, we offer a cost effective solution to buying new parts by repairing, testing and re-issuing old parts to increase service life.

We have undertaken a number of high profile overhaul projects for the likes of Voith, Siemens and Bombardier. We are able to overhaul a wealth of products including;

Brake Pipes & Couplings

Hose & Pipework

Filtration Units

Cylinders & Actuators

We also overhaul complete systems, including;

Hydrostatic Systems

Train Coolant Systems

Oil and Fuel Stations

We fully understand how adding value to parts/systems in the rail industry can have a real impact when looking at cutting costs, we have a strict set of compliances for each overhaul project to ensure the part/system will get the train that little bit further for less.

Three key products that we overhaul on a regular basis for the Rail Industry are;

The hoses and cocks are periodically removed from the train and sent to Tidyco for overhaul. The overhaul procedure consists of stripping all parts, shot blast and paint, all rubber hose and seals are replaced, rebuild and test in accordance with the manufactures instructions.

  • Discharge Valves

Valves are periodically removed from the train and sent to Tidyco for overhaul. The overhaul procedure briefly consists of stripping and cleaning all parts, replacing all seals, rebuilding and testing.

  • Manifold Blocks

Adhering to strict overhaul procedures for safety critical railway items, the manifolds are stripped down, all the seals are removed and the blocks are then cleaned and subjected to a thorough inspection for wear and tear. Any damaged blocks are discarded and replaced while those passing inspection are fitted with new seals, re-assembled and fully tested before refitting to the vehicle.